The Church being ignited with the fresh fire of God will neutralize the powers of darkness and affect the nations globally in an unprecedented way as never before. Wishing you a remarkable year 2012.

Pastor's Message

Beloved in Christ greetings in Jesus name. Joy connecting to you all once again.

The Bible says that the just shall live by faith. Habbakuk 2:4. What you believe has the potential to manifest as faith becomes sight one day. Believing will end up in receiving. Faith gives access to the resources of God where your ability, talents, eloquency and the best of human wisdom could never produce.Exercise your faith. It works for those who knows how to use it. Faith without action is dead. Initiate something that is line with your faith. Taking baby steps is going to be ok. But you must start somewhere.Allow your faith to convince you and not your situation. May the Spirit of God break every spirit of hesitation that wouldn't allow you to bring your faith into action. Caleb had a spirit of faith and he demanded something from Moses that would match his faith saying give me a mountain and I have the strength to possess.Faith has a voice that is louder than all the other voices around you. Fine-tune your Spirit and connect to that voice of the Holy Spirit. Faith allows you to see exclusively what no one sees. The level of your perception is depending upon your level of faith. What you perceive you shall receive.I pray that your faith will be put into use where you can witness strong manifestations of God in line with your faith. Be assured of our prayers for you and family.In His love at your service,.......

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