The Church being ignited with the fresh fire of God will neutralize the powers of darkness and affect the nations globally in an unprecedented way as never before. Wishing you a remarkable year 2012.

Pastor's Message

Beloved in Christ, I wish each one of you a remarkable year that is filled with the glory and the power of God.

Our God is a God of purpose. No matter how much you have failed in sensing God's purpose for your lives in the years gone by, still it is not too late. Our God is a Master Communicator. He does not expect you to fulfil his good, pleasing and perfect will without first communicating that to you, You don't need to worry about the art of listening to His voice. It all comes at the expense of nurturing an intimate relationship with God on daily basis. He mentioned in John 10.27 that My sheep listen to my voice. He said only the sheep belongs to Him does have the potential of listening to His voice. That which optimizes and enhances our ability to listen from Him is our level of surrender. Lack of surrender only proves that we have areas in our lives where we have compromised with the world which in turn affects the sanctity and integrity of our relationship with God and as a consequence.......

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